Copa America 2019 – Six Legends to Have Never Won This Title

This year’s Copa America is going to be special and more interesting because it will be the first time a Copa America tournament is going to be held outside South America. South American popular football tournament is knocking at the door. The 2019 edition will be more than special with the return of CONMEBOL Copa America to Brazil after 30 years. The most oldest and biggest tournament in the world ready to be a held from 14 June to 7 July 2019. The tournament is said to be the most third tournament in the world after FiFa and UEFA Cup. There are ten teams to South America and two invited nation from Asia. That will bring the attention to Asian citizens too this year.

There will be plenty of big names playing in the Centenario, with the likes of Lionel Messi , Gonzalo Higuain, Sergio Aguero, Neymar and Suarez to name a few.

Although many players have won the Copa America in the past, there are a few names who have never had the opportunity to lift the trophy.

Below is the list of players to have never had the opportunity to lift the Copa America in their lives:

1 Carlos Valderrama : Carlos Valderrama of Colombia is considered as one of the best players of his generation due to his wild and eccentric playing style who had never the chance to lift the Copa America in his entier playing career. In the 1995 Copa America , his team again lost out in the semi finals, when they were beaten by eventual winners Uruguay. He earned 111 international caps for his country , although he never won any major trophy despite being part of Colombia’s golden era.

2 Javier Zanneti : Javier Zanneti is still considered as one of the greatest wing backs of all time after making 858 appearance for inter Milan. He earned a record 143 caps for Argentina from 1994 – 2011 . Although he played the Copa America five times in his career, he was unfortunate to have never won it with his nation.

3 Socrates : Socrates is widely regarded as one of the greatest midfielders to have ever graced football. Like Valderrama he was also a part of Pele’s 100 greatest footballers of all time. He was the symbol of coolness for an entire generation of football fans.

4 Lionel Messi : Lionel Messi , who is considered as the greatest footballer of this generation has won everything there is to be won as a player at club level. Take things to the international level Messi yet to win any trophy with Argentina.

5 Diego Maradona : Diego Maradona represented Argentina in the 1979 Copa America but Argentina finished last in the group with Maradona scoring only once.

6 Pele : Pele was the first player to have scored 1000 goals including friendlies which goes to show the might of this very incredible player. He only played in one Copa America in the year 1959 and never played again because the next time Brazil would play the Copa America would be 30 years later.