Copa America 2019

Copa America 2019 was the 46th edition of the tournament and was held in Brazil from June 14 to July 7, 2019. Twelve national teams from South America participated in the tournament.

The Copa America is a tournament with a rich history and is one of the oldest and most significant football competitions in the world. Along with the championships held FIFAThe Copa America has a special place in the hearts of football fans, especially in South America. In 2019, Brazil became the host country of this famous championship, bringing together the best teams of the continent in its stadiums. The tournament provided the opportunity to see world-class stars compete for the title of 2019 Copa America winner, highlighting its global significance and influence on world football.

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General information about Copa America 2019

The Copa America, one of the most prestigious football competitions in South America, took place in Brazil that year. The official website of Copa America 2019 competently tracked all changes, was held from June 14 to July 7, gathering millions of fans at the screens and in stadiums. The tournament was attended by 12 teams, including teams from all ten CONMEBOL participating countries, as well as two invited teams - Qatar and Japan.

As part of the selection for the tournament, the teams were divided into three groups of four teams each. The first match tournament was held in intense and competitive competition, emphasizing the high level and skill of the participants.

The championship matches took place at six stadiums in five Brazilian cities, including the famous Maracana in Rio de Janeiro, where the final match took place. Each stadium was selected for its historical significance and modern amenities, providing participants and spectators with a comfortable environment to host and watch games. Copa America was an important event that showcased the cultural diversity and sporting passion of South America.

Tournament format Copa America 2019

The football cup started with a group stage, including 12 teams divided into three groups. Teams from each group competed with each other to determine the leaders moving forward in the tournament. In the group stage of a football tournament, each national team played three matches, trying to score the maximum number of points to advance to the next stage. The intensity of the fight and the skill level of the players provided an unforgettable experience for the spectators. The top teams in each group, as well as the top two third-place finishers, were given the chance to continue their fight for the trophy in the playoffs.

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Championship groups:

  • In group A were Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Peru, with Brazil and Venezuela advancing to the knockout stages.
  • Group B consisted of Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, and Qatar, with Argentina and Colombia securing their places in the next round.
  • Group C included Uruguay, Chile, Japan, and Ecuador, with Uruguay and Chile moving on.

Apart from these teams, Peru and Paraguay also qualified for the knockout stage as the top two third-placed teams in their groups. The games with these participants, without exaggeration, became very spectacular - a real highlight of the tournament! The knockout stage consisted of decisive knockout matches, starting with the quarter-finals and ending with the grand final.

Tournament 2019 Copa America Winner

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The Champions showed that the winner was the national team Brazil. During the Copa America 2019 schedule, interesting matches were produced, but the Brazilian team showed its best side, demonstrating a high skill level in every match. Copa America 2019 table clearly shows how the teams fought for the championship title, but it was the Brazilians who came out on top.

The key moments on the way to victory for the Brazilian national team were the match playoffs. In these games the team showed real football disputes, securing a place in the finals. The qualifying stages revealed the strength and resilience of the Brazilians, confirming their status as one of the strongest players in the tournament.

The final match of the tournament answered the question «Who won Copa America 2019 of the Year», where Brazil was able to confirm its dominance on the field. This success was well deserved given the level of play and cohesion shown by the Brazilian national team throughout the tournament. Brazil performed especially well in the quarter-finals, snatching a victory from Paraguay with a score of 4:3 on penalties.

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Top scorer

The top scorer that year was the Brazilian striker Everton Soares. He scored important goals that were key to his team’s victories. Everton Soares stood out among all the players in Cop Teams America 2019, scoring 3 goals, which was a significant contribution to the overall match results. His outstanding performances on the field not only earned him the title of leading scorer but also helped Brazil achieve significant success in the tournament.

The most dramatic matches

Among all the exciting and dramatic football matches, a few matches stood out.

Top five games of the football tournament

  1. The first memorable match was the semi-final between Brazil and Argentina. This game was a real football celebration, in which two of the strongest teams in South America fought to reach the final. Brazil won 2-0, but the match produced many highlights, including masterful strikes and superb goalkeeper saves.
  2. Brazil’s game against Peru in the tournament final deserves special attention. CollectedI showed my class to Brazil, winning with a score of 3:1. The match was full of emotion and tension, and the masterful goals and brilliant performances of both teams made this final one of the most memorable moments of the tournament.
  3. The group-stage match between Argentina and Colombia was also significant. Colombia won a landslide victory with a score of 2:0, demonstrating excellent tactics and team play. This result came as a surprise to many and showed that Colombia is a serious contender for high places in the tournament.
  4. Another exciting match took place in the group stage between Chile and Uruguay. The game was tense and full of tactical maneuvers, and the decisive goal in the 82nd minute gave Uruguay victory. This match was key to determining the leader of the group and demonstrated the high level of skill of the participants.
  5. No less impressive was Qatar’s match against Paraguay, which ended in a 2:2 draw. Qatar, making their debut in the tournament, showed amazing willpower, equalizing the score after conceding two goals.

These matches left an indelible impression on football fans and became a true highlight of the tournament, demonstrating all the drama and beauty of football.

The official ball of the Copa America 2019

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The official ball of Copa America 2019 was the Nike Merlin Rabisco ball, manufactured by Nike. The ball was specially designed to reflect South America’s cultural richness and passion for football. Rabisco, which means «sketching» in Portuguese, was decorated with bright colors and unique patterns reminiscent of the street graffiti popular in Brazil.

The ball features the latest Nike technology, including a 4-panel design that provides a more accurate and predictable flight. It also had a special coating that improves grip and control in various weather conditions. These characteristics helped players demonstrate high levels of skill and ball control.

The Nike Merlin Rabisco wasn’t just a game ball, it also became a symbol of Copa America, reflecting the competitive spirit and passion that football inspires in the hearts of fans and players around the world.

Fan zones and interesting events for fans

The football tournament had a significant impact on the culture and society of Brazil, the host country of the tournament. Football in Brazil is not just a sport, it is part of the national identity, and hosting such a major event has only strengthened this connection. Fan zones were organized throughout the country, where locals and visitors could watch Copa America 2019 matches, enjoying the atmosphere of unity and celebration.

In addition, various festivals and cultural events were organized in the cities where the matches took place, reflecting the richness of Brazilian culture. These events allowed residents and guests of the country to become more deeply acquainted with local traditions, music, dance, and cooking.

The presence of international fans also contributed to cultural exchange and strengthened friendly ties between countries. Thus, the sporting event also became a sociocultural event, leaving a significant mark on the history of Brazil.

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Tournament results and general opinion

The sporting event has ended, leaving behind unforgettable memories and a significant mark on the history of South American football. The tournament confirmed the South American continent’s status as the cradle of high-quality football, showcasing the skill, passion, and dynamism that characterize the area of FIFA.

Brazil’s victory not only inspired the nation but also raised the bar for the rest of the continent’s teams. The tournament also revealed new talent and showed that South American football continues to develop, offering the world new football stars. The cultural and social impact of the event on Brazil and other participating countries was enormous. It not only brought nations together but also provided an international platform to showcase the cultural diversity of South America.

The final thoughts about this sporting event are that this tournament was not just a sporting event, but a celebration of football that brought together people of different nationalities and cultures, demonstrating the power of sport as a unifying factor. This event is sure to influence the development of football in South America in the coming years, contributing to the development of world football.


In Copa America 2019 12 teams participated: 10 teams from South America and two invited teams - Qatar and Japan. TeamThe tournament was held on the principle of direct invitation to CONMEBOL participating countries and special invitations to visiting teams. The draw for teams took place back in January in Rio de Janeiro, where the final of the tournament subsequently took place.

Tournament table Copa America 2019 was divided into three groups of four teams each. Teams competed within their group in the first matches, after which the best of them entered the playoffs, where matches were played on a knockout system. It is also interesting that 6 out of 8 teams finished the quarter-finals on penalties.

Schedule Copa America 2019 was available on the official tournament websites. In the calendar all matches were included, from the group stage to the final, allowing fans to follow the progress of the competition and support their favorite team. Now on the official websites, in addition to the schedule, you can see the analysis of the players.

Football on Copa America 2019 was highly competitive and intense. The matches were full of drama and skill, especially in playoffs, where every game could be decisive and so much was decided in penalty shootouts. The tournament also featured many highlights and outstanding individual performances from players.