Copa America 2019 Live Scores, Schedule, Live Streaming, Draw, TV Channels, Broadcasters List And Results

The 2019 Copa America will be the 46th edition of the Copa America the quadrennial international men’s Association football championship organized by South America’s football ruling body CONMEBOL. It will be held in Brazil. Copa America is the third most watched tournament after FiFa and UEFA Euro Cup. The winner of the tournament will earn the right to compete for the 2021 FIFA Confederations Cup. Chile are the two-time defending champions, having won the 2015 and 2016 editions of the tournament.

Brazil officially the Federative Republic of Brazil is the largest country in both South America and Latin America . At 8.5 million square kilometers and with over 208 million people, Brazil is the world’s 5th largest country by area and the 5th most populous. Its capital is Brasilia and its most populated city is Sao Paulo.

Copa America 2019 Tournaments Details :

Host Country : Brazil

Starting Dates : 14 June , 2019

Ending Dates : 7 July, 2019

Teams : 12 [ from 2 confederations]

Matches Played – 26

Venue : 6 [ in 5 host cities]

Official Site :

Copa America 2019 Live Stream And Scores

Host Country

Originally, the 2019 Copa America was to be hosted by Chile, while Brazil was due to host the 2015 Copa America due to CONMEBOL’s rotation policy of tournaments being held in alphabetical order. However, due to the organization of the 2013 FIFA Confederations cup, 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics in that country, Brazil decided against also hosting the 2015 Copa America. Brazil and Chile’s Football Federations discussed the idea of swapping around the order of being hosts of the 2015 and 2019 championships. This agreement was approved by CONMEBOL in 2012.

Copa America 2019 Live Streaming And Scores

When is the Copa America 2019 draw ?

The draw of the tournament took place on 24 January 2019, 20:30 BRST in Brazil. The 12 teams were drawn into three groups of four , by selecting one team from each of the four ranked pots. The two guest teams Japan and Qatar, which were seeded in different pots, could not be drawn in the same group.

Group wise Team Names:

Group AGroup BGroup C

Copa America 2019 Squads :

Argentina , Brazil , Bolivia , Chile , Colombia , Peru , Paraguay , Qatar , Uruguay , Japan , Venezuela , Ecuador

Copa America 2019 Complete Schedule And Knockout Stage Live Streaming And Live Scores :

DateTime All Matches Venue
14-06-201921:30Brazil VSBoliviaEstadio do Morumbi Sao Paulo
15-06-201916:00VenezuelaVSPeruArena do Gremio , Porto Alegre
15-06-201919:00ArgentinaVSColombiaItaipava Arena Fonte Nova , Salvador
16-06-201916:00ParaguayVSQatarEstadio do Maracana , Rio de Janeiro
16-06-201919:00UruguayVSEcuadorEstadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte
17-06-201920:00JapanVSChileEstadio do Morumbi Sao Paulo
18-06-201918:30BoliviaVSPeruEstadio do Maracana , Rio de Janeiro
18-06-201921:30Brazil VSVenezuelaItaipava Arena Fonte Nova , Salvador
19-06-201918:30ColombiaVSQatarEstadio do Morumbi Sao Paulo
19-06-201921:30ArgentinaVSParaguayEstadio Mineirao ,Belo Horizonte
20-06-201920:00UruguayVSJapanArena do Gremio , Porto Alegre
21-06-201920:00EcuadorVSChileItaipava Arena Fonte Nova , Salvador
22-06-201916:00PeruVSBrazilArena Corinthians , Sao Paulo
22-06-201916:00BoliviaVSVenezuelaEstadio Mineirao ,Belo Horizonte
23-06-201916:00QatarVSArgentinaArena do Gremio , Porto Alegre
23-06-201916:00ColombiaVSParaguayItaipava Arena Fonte Nova , Salvador
24-06-201920:00ChileVSUruguayEstadio do Maracana , Rio de Janeiro
24-06-201920:00EcuadorVSJapanEstadio Mineirao ,Belo Horizonte

Quarter – Finals

27/6/201921:30Match 19Arena do Gremio,
Porto Alegre
28/6/201916:00Match 21 Estadio do Maracana ,
Rio de Janeiro
28/6/201920:00Match 20Arena Corinthians ,
Sao Paulo
29/6/201916:00Match 22Itaipava Arena Fonte
Nova Salvador

Semi – Finals

2/7/201921:30Match 23Estadio Mineirao
Belo Horizonte
3/7/201921:30Match 24Arena do Gremio
Porto Alegre

Third Place Match

Date TimeMatchVenue
6/7/201916:00Match 25Arena Corinthians ,
Sao Paulo

Copa America 2019 Final Match Date,Time,Venue Watch Live Streaming And Scores Free

7 July 2019

17:00 BRST

Estadio do Maracana , Rio de Janeiro

How to Watch Copa America 2019 Live Streaming & Live Scores ?

Country      Broadcaster

Brazil       –  Rede globo , Spor TV

Argentina – El Trece , Tyc Sports , Tyc Max , DirecTV sports

Bolivia   – Tigo Sports , Tigo Sports + , DirecTV Sports

Chile – Canal 13 , direc TV Sports

Colombia  –  caracol TV , RCN TV , Win Sports , Direc TV Sports

Ecuador – gama TV , TC TV , Direc TV Sports

Peru – America Television , DirecTV Sports

Paraguay –  Telefuturo , Tigo Sports , Tigo Max Direc TV Sports

Uruguay – Teledoce , Tenfield , sports Field , Direc TV Sports

Venezuela – Venevision Direc TV sports

Canada – TSN

Costa Rica – Teletica

El Salvador – Canal 4

Mexico – Televisa, TV Azteca , TDN

United States – Telemundo [ Spanish]

France – beINSPORTS

Mena –  beINSPORTS MENA , RTC Poland – TVP 

Copa America 2019 Broadcasting Channels Countrywise :

Brazil : For host country Brazil, two channels Star TV and Rede globo will be showing the matches being played live on TV to all the spectators. Ofcourse, people willing to see the matches directly can book the tickets and go to see the beautiful game. Ofcourse, people sitting at the comfort of home and office in Brazil and in other countries need to look for other options. Let’s see them countrywise.

Argentina : One of most favourite nation as far as football game four channels namely El Trece , Tyc Sports , Tyc Max , DirecTV sports will be directly showing the matches to the spectators.

Bolivia  : Football lovers from Bolivia can watch the game on the following three channels available in their country which are Tigo Sports , Tigo Sports + , DirecTV Sports.

Colombia  : Colombia will have four broadcasting channels that will showcase the Copa America matches to its viewers  caracol TV , RCN TV , Win Sports , Direc TV Sports.

Ecuador : Gama TV , TC TV , Direc TV Sports are the official channels given the rights to showcase the matches to viewers in the country.

Peru :The people of Peru can very well watch the football games on the following two channels viz. America Television , DirecTV Sports.

Paraguay -: There are the following television channels that will be showcasing the viewers of Paraguay the matches of their favourite game Telefuturo , Tigo Sports , Tigo Max Direc TV Sports.

Uruguay : There are four channels that have been given the broadcasting rights in Uruguay for the sport lovers in the nations Teledoce , Tenfield , Sports Field , Direc TV Sports.

Venezuela : The people from this country will have the option to watch copa america 2019 at Venevision Direc TV sports from the comfort of their home office and elsewhere television in available.

Canada : Canadian citizens will be able to watch the game on the channel TSN which will be showcasing the matches of the game throughout the event is held.

Costa Rica : Teletica is the channel that will be broadcasting the matches of the game in the country.

El Salvador : People of this country can watch the footall games at Canal 4 availble in their nations.

Mexico : Televisa, TV Azteca , TDN will be broadcasting all the matches live for the sport lovers of the country to see the match action live.

United States : The tournament will be showcased by Telemundo [ Spanish Commentary] channel which will make it available to all the viewers of US since this is the best South American Football tournament and also oldest.

France : If you are residing in this beautiful country of Europe and want to watch Copa America 2019 live and also scores beINSPORTS will be officially making it available to all the football lovers of France.

Mena : Resident countrymen from Mena will be able to watch this South American football competions on the following channels viz.  beINSPORTS MENA , RTC Poland – TVP 

Social Media Coverage :

Social Media is the biggest medium for any kind of updates and sports can be no different and lagged behind. Social Media savvy people will have the following options to keep themselves updated about the game:


Facebook will keep you updated about all matches of the Copa America 2019 through its lives updates, pages and also its live streaming medium. You can get live update of every moment via Facebook and one should not miss if he or she is a big facebook user.

Twitter :

Twitter is another powerful social media platform that will keep you updated about the matches and games and live scores. Copa America will have a twitter handle that will publish live coverage of the game along with live updates and photos, small videos to give you a glimpse of the moments of the game.

Live Scores of Copa America 2019 online :

We are in the internet age and in this period of internet there is no dearth of resources that will be making the information live. Copa America 2019 will be having many options who will be providing information on live scores inch by inch to all the viewers like soccer24, goal, livesoccer and many more. In this digital age, you can directly go to these websites or download their application(if made available by service provider) on your smart phone and get live updates every moment on your phone itself sitting in any corner of the world. Below is a short list of portal that provide live scores :


There may many other options available which one can get handy by just doing a minor search on net. Also, Google and Yahoo provide live scores of most of the games. So, relax, sitback and enjoy your favourite game goal by goal.

Copa America 2019 Matches And Scores Details:

Brazil Vs Bolivia First Match Live Streaming

Watch Venezuela vs peru

Watch Argentina Vs Colombia

Watch Paraguay Vs Qatar

Watch Uruguay Vs Ecuador

Copa America Winners List :

Here, we give a list of winners of the games of Copa America held from the year 1916 along with the host country and the winner country. Ofcourse, the winner of 2019 is yet to be announced.

Winners & Runner up List

YearHost Winners
2016United Stateschile

Copa America Wallpapers Picture Images And Trailer Video :

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