President Sebastian Pinera Has Announced …..

President Sebastian Pinera has announced the four countries will unite in an effort to return the tournament to South America


Chile, Paraguay , Uruguay And Argentina have agreed to launch a joint bid to host the World Cup in 2030, it has been confirmed.

Chile’s president Sebastian Pinera announced the move via social media on Thursday, with Uruguay bidding to host the tournavv ment for the first time since the inaugural 1930 competition.

Morocco, Spain, and Portugal have already signalled their intention to jointly host the event, as have Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania.

Copa America is the oldest football event in the continent which also gives
way to the winner to other prestigious football events. This will be the 46th
edition of this historic game which will have 12 teams of which 10 teams are from American Continent while two teams viz Japan and Qatar are Asian nations are specially invited. Chile is the last time champion for the game.

Eight of the Conmebol nations have won the tournament atleast once in its 45 stagings since the inauguration of the game in 1916. The only exception to this is Ecuador and Venezuela who are yet to win.

Uruguay is the most favourite team with maximum wins 15 times and the current champions Chile has won for two times in 2015 and 2016. US is a non Conmebol country who have hosted the event in 2016. The highest finishing member of Conmebol has right to participate in next FIFA Confederations Cup however they are not obliged to do so whatsoever may be.