Medal Count of Copa America Tournaments So far

The upcoming Copa America has a very bright history to its past and worthy a look after. Most of the nations have bagged titles and medals which show a sign of their excellence towards the game.

Here we have brought in the medal tally of top 10 nations who have bagged Gold, Silver and bronze medals in all so far.

6 Peru21811

The highest no. of Gold medals are won by Uruguay whereas the higher no. of silver and total nos are won by Argentina.

Brazil is on the third rank, both in terms of total tally and in gold and silver medals.

Paraguay is on the 4th rank whereas Chile & Peru both stand equal with toall 1 medals however since Chile has more silver medals is ranked 5th.

Mexico team is yet to realise its dream of winning a gold medal at Copa America with a total of 5 medals.

Honduras team is yet to come a long distance and is able get only one medal so far in its history.

Uruguay also becomes the team with the most no. of Copa appearances, till now 44 while Argentina is the team is highest no. of appearances in the final match.

Both these teams also get the record of appearing in highest no. of semi finals.

Argentina also has the following to its credit :

Highest no. of wins – 120
Highest no. of goals scored – 455
Highest average of goals scored per match – 2.41

These medal tally may see a big change with the upcoming copa season in June 2021 and all teams gearing up for a brighter show.