Japan Team Squads Copa America 2019 Live Scores

The Japan national football team represents Japan in association football and is operated by the Japan Football Association [JFA], the govering body for football in Japan. Japan is one of the most successful teams in Asia. This Copa America 2019, Japan will be sending full strength senior team members in June in Brazil to show the best performance in the event.

Japan’s first and only appearance in Copa America was in 1999 and this will be the second time it is an invited nation in Copa America along with Qatar.

Why Japan being a Asian Nation is Playing in Copa America this season?

The South American Football Federation consists of ten member nations and to make the tournament workable structure and total of 12 members were required. Initially, 3 teams from North America and 3 from Asia were decided to make it a sixteen team tournament but finally it was decided to make it a 12 team tournament with Japan and Qatar invited as is the structure of other tournaments since 1993.

Let’s have a look at the team members including coach as declared by Japan Football Association who will be representing Japan in Copa America 2019:

Coach : Hajime Moriyasu

Japan Team Current Squad In Copa America 2019 :

GKM Higashiguchi32
GKS Gonda29
DFY Nagatomo31
DFM Yoshida29
DFT Shiotani29
DFT Makino31
DFW Endo25
DFH Sakai28
DFG Miura23
DFS Muroya24
MFG Haraguchi27
MFG Shibasaki26
MFT Inui30
MFT Aoyama32
FWY Osako28
FWJ Ito25
FWY Muto26
FWT Minamino23