Copa America 2021 Fixtures of Matches in Bangladesh Time

This Year Copa America 2020 or 2021 will be held on 13 June to 10 July, 2021 in Brazil. In Bangladesh, the tournament will be started on 14 June, 2021 at 3:00 AM. In Bangladesh football fans, Are you ready to watch this biggest soccer tournament ?

Below check the full schedule of Copa America 2021 in Bangladesh time. Watch Copa America 2021 live stream in Bangladesh.

Copa America 2021 New Schedule with Bangladesh Time

All times are Bangladesh Local time


DateMatchVenueKickoff time
Monday, June 14Brazil vs VenezuelaMane Garrincha3:00 AM
Monday, June 14Colombia vs EcuadorArena Pantanal6:00 AM
Tuesday, June 15Argentina vs ChileNilton Santos3:00 AM
Tuesday, June 15Paraguay vs BoliviaOlimpico6:00 AM
Friday, June 18Colombia vs VenezuelaOlimpico3:00 AM
Friday, June 18Peru vs BrazilNilton Santos6:00 AM
Saturday, June 19Chile vs BoliviaArena Pantanal3:00 AM
Saturday, June 19Argentina vs UruguayMane Garrincha6:00 AM
Monday, June 21Venezuela vs EcuadorNilton Santos3:00 AM
Monday, June 21Colombia vs PeruOlimpico6:00 AM
Tuesday, June 22Uruguay vs ChileArena Pantanal3:00 AM
Tuesday, June 22Argentina vs ParaguayMane Garrincha6:00 AM
Thursday, June 24Ecuador vs PeruOlimpico3:00 AM
Thursday, June 24Colombia vs BrazilNilton Santos6:00 AM
Friday, June 25Bolivia vs UruguayArena Pantanal3:00 AM
Friday, June 25Chile vs ParaguayMane Garrincha6:00 AM
Monday, June 28Brazil vs EcuadorOlimpico3:00 AM
Monday, June 28Venezuela vs PeruMane Garrincha3:00 AM
Tuesday, June 29Uruguay vs ParaguayNilton Santos6:00 AM
Tuesday, June 29Bolivia vs ArgentinaArena Pantanal6:00 AM


DateMatchVenueKickoff time
Saturday, July 32B vs 3AOlimpico3:00 AM
Saturday, July 31B vs 4ANilton Santos6:00 AM
Sunday, July 42A vs 3BMane Garrincha3:00 AM
Sunday, July 41A vs 4BOlimpico6:00 AM


DateMatchVenueKickoff time
Tuesday, July 6WQF1 vs WQF2Nilton Santos5:00 AM
Wednesday, July 7WQF3 vs WQF4Mane Garrincha7:00 AM


DateMatchVenueKickoff time
Saturday, July 10LSF2 vs LSF1Mane Garrincha6:00 AM


DateMatchVenueKickoff time
Saturday, July 11WSF2 vs WSF1Maracana6:00 AM

Monday, June 14: Argentina vs Chile – 3:00 AM

Monday, June 14: Paraguay vs Bolivia – 6:00 AM

Tuesday, June 15: Brazil vs Venezuela – 5:00 AM

Tuesday, June 15: Colombia vs Ecuador – 8:00 AM

Matchday 2

Friday, June 18: Chile vs. Bolivia – 3:00 AM

Friday, June 18: Argentina vs. Uruguay – 6:00 AM

Saturday, June 19: Colombia vs. Venezuela – 5:00 AM

Saturday, June 19: Peru vs. Brazil – 8:00 AM

Matchday 3

Monday, June 21: Uruguay vs. Chile – 2:00 AM

Monday, June 21: Argentina vs. Paraguay – 5:00 AM

Tuesday, June 22: Venezuela vs. Ecuador – 4:00 AM

Tuesday, June 22: Colombia vs. Peru – 7:00 AM

Matchday 4

Thursday, June 24: Bolivia vs. Uruguay – 3:00 AM

Thursday, June 24: Chile vs. Paraguay – 6:00 AM

Friday, June 25: Ecuador vs. Peru – 4:00 AM

Friday, June 25: Colombia vs. Brazil – 7:00 AM

Matchday 5

Monday, June 28: Argentina vs. Bolivia – 3:00 AM

Monday, June 28: Uruguay vs. Paraguay – 3:00 AM

Tuesday, June 29: Ecuador vs. Brazil – 7:00 AM

Tuesday, June 29: Venezuela vs. Peru – 7:00 AM

Copa America 2021 knockout stage schedule


Saturday, July 3: No. 2 Group A vs. No. 3 Group B – 5:00 AM

Sunday, June 4: No. 1 Group A vs. No. 4 Group B – 5:00 AM

Monday, July 5: No. 2 Group B vs. No. 3 Group A – 4:00 AM

Monday, July 5: No. 1 Group B vs. No. 4 Group A – 7:00 AM


Wednesday, July 7, QF 1 Winner vs QF 2 winner – 5:00 AM

Thursday, July 8, QF 3 Winner vs QF 4 winner – 7:00 AM

Third-place match

Sunday, July 11: Semi-final 1 loser vs Semi-final 2 loser – 4:00 AM


Sunday, July 11: SF 1 Winner vs SF 2 Winner – 6:00 AM

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