Colombian Unrest, Argentinian Offer, Watch out for Copa all matches Venue

The present Covid 19 pandemic has taken a hard grip on the entire world and Columbia is no exception.
Situation is getting more and more grave in the nation and even though the sports minister of Columbia declared to go closed door, the onsight situation cannot be neglected.

Given the seriousness, Argentina has offered to host the whole of copa america tournament if the organizing body Conmbel directs.

The game is schedule to start in Argentina and end with final match in Colombia. The opening Copa America match will be played at the Monumental stadium in Buenos Aires between Argentina and Chile on June 13.

First time in the history of this game, two countries are jointly hosting and the final match is to be played in Columbia. Higher no. of deaths in the nation have led to a speculation and going ahead may pose a risk to the players.

Thus the Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez has offered Conmebol to do the needful in case Colombia finds it difficult to stand the current situation.

As per the current schedule, Argentina will host 13 matches the rest being in the Columbia including final on 10th July. But if the changes proposed are implemented, a new schedule with changes of location and timings may affect the overall schedule of the game proposed so far.

After being cancelled in 2020 along with all major tournaments, the schedule and speculation have always remained whether the Copa America will be held or not, what will be the schedule and the dates and timings along with the venues and if spectators will be allowed or it will be played closed doors.

Like all major countries, Argentina is also facing the pandemic and if the situation does not worsen any more, we hope that the games will be played either as per schedule in both nations or any locations as per the direction of Conmebol.

Lets keep our fingers crossed.