Bolivia Team Squads Copa America 2020

The Bolivia national football team represented Bolivia in international football since 1926. Organized by the Bolivian Football Federation , it is one of the 10 members of Fifa’s South American Football Confederation. Bolivia has been a part of the South American football Championship since long but has not been a champion many times an needs to be work hard for the game.

Bolivia Coach : E.Villegas

Bolivia Final Squad For Copa America 2021 :

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Eduardo Villegas’ final 23-man squad is as follows:

Goalkeepers: Carlos Lampe, Ruben Cordano, Javier Rojas

Defenders: Marvin Bejarano, Diego Bejarano, Luis Haquin, Adrian Jusino, Mario Cuellar, Saul Torres, Roberto Fernandez, Jose Mario Carrasco

Midfielders: Alejandro Chumacero, Raul Castro, Erwin Saavedra, Leonel Justiniano, Samuel Galindo, Fernando Saucedo, Diego Wayar, Paul Arano

Forwards: Marcelo Martins, Gilbert Alvarez, Rodrigo Ramallo, Leonardo Vaca

Copa America 2021 Live Scores

Bolivia Current Squad

GKJ . Rojas 23
GKS. Mustafa29
GKG . Vizcarra26
GKR . Cordano20
DFM. Cuellar 30
DFE . Saavedra23
DFM . Bejarano31
MFD Hoyos26
MFJ Rojas25
MFJ Ribera 23
MFL Justiniano27
MFS Galindo27
MFJ Candia23
MFR Cardozo29
MFJ Garcia19
MFD Bejarano27
MFD Wayar25
MFR Fernandez19
MFR . Castro29
MFA Jusino26
MFL Vargas23
FWL Vaca23
FWC Arano24
FWW Alvarez23

With the current team and mix of players, Bolivia will have to prove its worth and players strengths. It will not be as easy to beat the the group members which consists of hosts Brazil, Venezuela and Peru.

There will be three channels who will be broadcasting the game in the country for the lover of the game which will be Tigo Sports , Tigo Sports + , DirecTV Sports.

Copa America 2020 Live Streaming