2019 Copa America Matches Statistics & Records

Copa America 2019 was played in the year 2019 between June to first week of August with almost every match being very interesting. All the players from all team worked from their full hearts out and tried the best for their team.

However, every game has a result and it is just a mirror as we call it.Nevertheless, Messi from Argentina could not help his team lift the cup, but the Argentina Copa America matches were really very interesting.

Peru, which was not being seemed as a major competitor had once claimed it stake and became a major competitor for the CUP. Eventhough, Brazil, the homeland and sponsor lifted the Cup, we would say that each and every match was worth watching.

Below we have brought the record of matches that were played and won along with draw and loss in the final stages of the event.


There were many players who had to drop out of the game at the end moment for some or the other reason, the ups and downs had kept the momentum in the game going.

We also bring the Schedule of 2021 Copa America matches all along. Thought it was supposed to be played a year ahead in 2020, but now it will be played in 2021 as per the date and time fixed earlier with the same name and title. Most of the teams and schedule will also remain the same, barring a few players who may not participate owing to personal reasons.

This time Copa 2021 is going to be much bigger and interesting. So donot miss and stay tuned with us for more updates.