Top Stories Copa America 2019 Live

In first semi final match Copa America 2019 Brazil beat the Argentina with 2 – 0 and coming into final match for the first time in twelve years. 14 times winners Argentina lost the semi final match with 0 – 2 and two penalties unbelievable and shocking news for Argentina Men’s football team fans.

Argentina Football Federation has lodged a complaint about the refereeing errors. They believe that the referee refused to change his decision even though VAR asked him to do so.

Brazilian media confirmed that the Brazilian president , Jair Bolsonaro is also involved in the scandal. The security staff of the president interfered with the radio signals in the VAR room which triggers the speculations about his involvement. The committee admitted that frequencies were disturbed but they claimed that it was sorted before the kick off.

Argentina FA said, “We question the integrity of referees commissioner Wilson Semeno, as his long record shows an inability to handle situations if not explicit will to address results. We had protested before the game about Ecuador ref Zambrano, whom in Copa America so far had officiated only Perú-Bolivia, therefore there was no ground for him to be designated for Brazil-Argentina”

At the End Brazil will meet Peru on July 7 2019 at Maracana Stadium in Copa America 2019 Final . Peru try to win the match but its hard to beat Brazil in Brazil.