Pan Am Games is all ready for full coverage of all details

Expecting a huge turnout of the population, this season Lima 2019 will have more than 40 Crore viewers. This poses a challenge to the organizers about covering all details and provide to the public forum. For the purpose, the different news and media channels have roped in their new persons to give live detail and coverage of every game.

Ofcourse, the arrangements for these new persons for them to access internet, wifi, computers and all other support required needs to be made. For the purpose, the press center has all facility including a room which can accomodate around 200 journalists among other facilities of workstations for international agencies and for press officials of Olympic committee. They will also provide the facility for press conference rooms that needs to be done at regular intervals as per the need arises for which all required equipments will be provided that will help in broadcasting the conference to the television medium.

Pan Am Games 2019 Schedule

For journalist to check in swiftly from the airport a facility has been made and also their transportation from hotel to the venue of competition has been provided to them on a daily basis.

As far as print media, we have provided details and facilities as above. For live coverage by the broadcasting channels, the concerned team have already reached the International Broadcaster Center.

Pan Am Games 2019 Live Streaming