The Mascot Name of Copa America 2021 – Zizito Watch details

A dog mascot was unveiled on 1 December 2019 two days before the final draw is described as a Funny, cheerful, agile and unique mascot with which the organization of the competition describes the dog that will represent the Copa América. “This is the maximum specimen of the New South American Race. His name was revealed on December 3 in the Copa América 2020 draw.

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The voting is over and its finally chosen by the people what will be the name of the mascot Capybara for Copa America 2019. The fight was between the Brazilian exporter Zizinho and Capibi which represents the indigeneous people of South America. It received a 35% in voting against the Zizinho that received 65% and won. Ito is a Spanish language suffix used for dimunitive form and thus Zizito was officially named the mascot name of Capybara for the 46th edition of the Copa America 2019 tournament.

Zizinho has scores 17 goals in Conmebol Copa America which itself is a very high score. Thus the people in voting have showed their love for the game of football and its history and by chosing Zizinho have reaffirmed their affection for the game and its players. “To explain to youngsters what Zizinho meant and the greatness of football’s history, suffice it to say that he is the idol of Pele. Football fans around the world have undoubtedly made an excellent choice, great relationship with Brazilian, South American and world football. “It was a difficult choice, because Capibi is a tribute to the Indians, and it was another excellent option,” said Thiago Jannuzzi, general manager of the CONMEBOL Local Organizing Committee of Copa 2019 Brasil.

Capibara is also chosen as a mascot since it is vey tender and loving animal that is herbivorous and not wild and peace loving. It is found in the forests of South America that can be found on the bank of rivers which is brown in colour a furry animal and has a life span of 6 to 12 years wieghing somewhere between 30 to 80 kgs. It normally lives in families and the herd consists of normally a member between seven to ten which arrives in group in the forests of Southern America

After the announcement of the Capizara Zizito as the official mascot of the Copa America 2019 it has toured Brazil and met certain officials along with its counterpart Canarinho, the official mascot of Brazilian national team.

This is the 46th season of Copa America which was last played in Brazil 30 years back and will be seen after this span of time and hence Brazil is very excited to host the game which is the oldest selection tournament. This time, apart from South American regional nations, there are two nations that are from outside and this is from Asia and two nations are Japan and Qatar.