Clients of Mastercard will have special quota tickets

Good news for Mastercard holders. The oldest football tournament comes closer to Mastercard holders since it is the official sponsor of Payment Services and Payment Mark as they will be able to purchase 5 tickets per game for a maximum of 7 games. A total of Hundred thousand tickets will available exclusively for all 26 games of the tournament.

This is the season played in Brazil after a gap of long time wherein ten member countries will be South American and other two will from Asian invitees.

The company will be doing marketing activity till April 15 till 12:00 PM with the last batch of tickets going on sale by the end of April

Ticket prices for viewers start from 60 real(about 16$) and will range till 890 real(about 240$). The cheapest tickets will be offered by Arena Corinthians stadium in Sao Paulo and Arena do Gremio. from the city of Porto Alegre with no chairs. The most expensive will be priviledged one from Maracana stadium in Rio De Janeiro which can be bought from any country via credit card.

The average price of tickets will range from 60 to 350 reals.

Additionally, Brazilian law entitles students, disabled and more than 60 years old to half price of ticket provided they need to contact the ticket office and prove their entitlement.