Living in Canada, Travelling Outside Canada, How to Live Stream Copa in both situations

The Upcoming Copa tournament is going to be interesting for two reasons. The first being football itself is a attractive game and millions of people love it. The other being no major games held during the pandemic, it will be a relief for many to take a break from routine.

Viewers Outside Canada :

You should know that if you’re abroad, you probably won’t be able to tune in like you normally would at home.

This is because of geo-blocking, a digital restriction that means certain streaming services are only accessible in the region they’re based in. Don’t sweat it, though, as you’ve got the option of using a VPN to tune to your preferred coverage wherever you are. It’s really easy to do, so don’t feel you have to miss out because you finally got to take that well-earned holiday.

Here we are talking about viewers who are either travelling outside their country for temporary business purpose or on a holiday trip with some near ones. In both the scenarios, Copa matches cannot be missed. So, How to live Stream Copa matches while being outside Canada ? Read on.

Quick Guide : Watch Copa America in 3 Simple Steps from
Outside Canada

Get Pure VPN (Starting at just $0.99 trial offer)
Select a Country (You can select any country of your choice)
Connect to a broadcasting channel of that country
Start Watching

Here, after purchasing pure vpn, you can select the country where you are currently travelling and get access to the channel of that country or alternatively, you can select Canada as your country and get access to your own country Channel.


What is a VPN and why to Spend Money for it ?

A VPN will remove your location restriction and will provide you with a IP address of your choice location. Say, you are sitting in US and after getting VPN connection, you select Canada, you will be given a Canadian IP and thus the TSN Channel will allow you to subscribe since you have a Canadian IP address of access. 

Too Busy For Full Read : Here is the step by step Guide

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Benefits of Pure VPN :

#1 Iron-Clad Security of Your Online Avatar
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Additionally :

  • Works with: Along With Soccer Streaming its works on Netflix (multiple libraries), Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, SkyTV, Disney+ Hotstar, Sonyliv, and many others Too.
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Get Pure VPN

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Viewers Inside Canada :

Those who are sitting in Canada tune into TSN channel having the broadcasting rights and enjoy. Alternatively, if they want to try the channel experience of other country, they can follow above steps and watch any channel of any country of their choice and enjoy.