Dentsu get coverage rights of all 3 upcoming Copa America tournaments

Three-tournament Conmebol agreement includes media rights and sponsorship.

Dentsu Inc reports the selective obtaining of the worldwide business privileges of CONMEBOL Copa América 2021, 2024 and 2028 with the South American Confederation.

The understanding spreads the offer of all your business rights including supports, broadcasting, licenses, gaming, ticketing and cordiality rights.

CONMEBOL Copa América is a title that started in 1916 and today has become the most established national group competition on the planet from American continent. In 2021. the 47th release, and without precedent for history it will have two host nations, Argentina and Colombia.

With the forces of soccer contending, the title pulls in overall consideration, as confirm by the figures of the 2019 release in Brazil, which was communicated in excess of 180 nations and domains on five landmasses.

Exploiting his broad information and involvement with the games business, Dentsu will keep on working for the improvement of football in South America and the accomplishment of COPA AMERICA 2020, 2024 and 2028.

The severe pandemic may alter certain scheduel and timings of the tournament but we are sure that the authorities will try their level best to keep with the matches live and not disasppoint their fans.

The event being a very big one and hope of millions of followers, the Live Opening ceremony of Copa America can watched on 13th June to be held in Argentina.