Copa America Loud wins free Fire

Loud is the champion of the free fire battlegrounds America’s cup a tournament held on Saturday at the world trade center in Mexico city. The competition brought together the best server teams in Latin America. In addition to the title, the team earned the largest share of the total prize pool of US $ 35,000.

Corinthians pain Gaming and LOUD won the Copa America 2020 spot in the wake of being the main three in Pro League Season 3 in November 2019. Cold Gaming, Estorm Bolt, Estorm Thunder , Furious Gaming, Infinity Mobile, Naguara team, Samurai team, Thophard Kaos and Timbers finished the 12 free fire America Cup members.

In the table, you can see that LOUD shut the competition with 1725 points, while runner up , the Naguara team arrived at 1385. Look at the full leader board under neath.

Noisy has secured the free fire Copa America 2020 in the wake of overcoming 11 groups in the competitions conclusive. The group had a ruling presentation in the finals and heroes, Corinthians completed fourth while their kindred Brazilian delegate Pain Gaming needed to settle with the ninth position.

The competition saw 12 groups from the American district vieing for a definitive wonder. Copa America occurred in the World Trade Center, Mexico, and a sum of six matches were played.

Here is the entire list of teams competing in Copa America 2020:

  • Corinthians
  • PaiN Gaming
  • Loud
  • Infinity Esports
  • Top Hard
  • Timber Esports
  • Estorm Thunder
  • Estorm Bolt
  • Artic Gaming
  • Samurai Team
  • Naguará Team
  • Furious Gaming

Here are the champs of each match in Copa America 2020:

Game 1: Top HardGame 2: LoudGame 3: Infinity GamingGame 4: LoudGame 5: Arctic GamingGame 6: Naguará Team

Boisterous was predictable all through the competition, and in any event, when they weren’t winning, they were completing high or had a ton of slaughters. They effectively showed signs of improvement of Corinthians, who won the Free Fire World Cup 2019 and were unequaled all through the competition.

After Copa America 2020, fans are presently anticipating Free Fire Indian Championship that has been quite recently declared by Garena. Enrollments for the competition are currently live, and intrigued players can enlist for the competition with their group by making a beeline for the authority FFIC site.