Watch Copa America 2021 Prize Money

Copa America 2020 held in June and July 2021 facilitated by Argentina and Colombia. All out 10 groups from 2 unique confederations take an interest this year in competition. The Copa America prize cash for the 2020 competition expanded. Prize cash subtleties for the opposition changed before every competition.

Champions$7 Million
Runner-ups$4 million
3rd Place Team$3 million
4th Place Team$2 million
Quarter finalist$1.5 Million
Qualified teams$2 million
Total Prize Money$19.5 million

Copa America Winners Prize Money ($7 Million): In the above table you can see the genuine prize cash for the Copa America. A year ago winning group of Copa America got ($7 million) and other participants compensated ($4 million) prize cash. The groups who will play the competition every one of them gain $2 million for interest charges.

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All out prize cash of $10 million recommended for the competition which later similarly conveyed among top 4 groups of rivalry. In 2015 the victors share ($4 million) and other participants got ($2 million). In 2016, Copa America Centenario prize store expanded $6.5 million for champs.

The group completed at third spot acquire ($3 million). Group who lost third spot match and stand fourth in focuses table procure ($2 million). Every one of the four groups who took out of quarter last got ($1.5 million) prize cash.