Brazil Midfielder in a race against time owing to knee surgery

The midfielder of Brazilian squad Phillipe Coutinho is having tough time owning to a knee surgery he had to undergo recently.

The doctor performing the surgery told the news reports of removing a cyst from the left knee of the player which will take some time to recover.

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Brazil team has a very strong performance record in Copa tournament and any strong player exiting out of the team will put the team in a toe foot situation. Since they are the defending champions, to again get this prestigious title is the dream of any team.

Even though the team may have many alternatives, but the ones are chosen are the best that are chosen from all available alternatives and hiring and training a new player may have a additional task for the team.

Since Copa is starting next month, Coutinho is racing against the time to fully recover and play the game since Copa is held only once in four years.

He has overall scored 24 goals and made a good record for self to be included in the team.

We wish him good health and await his return to the team for the game with full energy.

A few weeks left and most of the Brazilians are eagerly awaiting the Conmebol Copa America matches to start.